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  • GTF - Portfolio of Services for TRCs : GTF offers a number of services to the TRCs for Tiger conservation

  • Tiger Watch : Annually co-organise a “Tiger Watch” programme in India, under which Field Officers from Russia visit tiger reserves in India.

  • Monitoring of the Global Tiger Recovery Programme : an objective of the projects is to establish a technical and institutional foundation for an effective collaboration among the Tiger Range Countries and other governmental and non-governmental partners in ensuring consistent, science based monitoring of status of tiger conservation landscapes (TCLs) and progress of implementation of Global Tiger Recovery Programme (GTRP) endorsed in November 2010 at St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, by the Tiger Range Countries.

  • Capacity Building : Training of Tiger Range State Officials in Wildlife Management (10 Months and 3 Months course annually)


  • On the ground training and visit programme for field functionaries of tiger range countries.

  • International workshop on Assessment of status of tigers, co-predators, prey and habitats.

  • International Workshop on "Rebuilding tiger population in low density tiger landscapes."


  • Organised a Range Countries' Tiger Workshop at Sariska, India, to develop a standard protocol for monitoring of tiger and its prey base.

  • Organised the Global Tiger Forum Consultative meeting to develop a strategic vision in order to revitalise GTF and conserve, stabilise and increase the population of wild tigers.

  • Organised Kathmandu Global Tiger Workshop jointly with GTI & other partners, which was mandated by the 4th General Assembly of the GTF and the 14th CoP of CITES.

  • Technical Staff of the GTF visited Cambodia and Laos to assist them in up gradation /preparation of their National Tiger Action Plans.

  • Organised 'Training - cum visit' - programme for the officers of Tiger Range Countries in two tiger reserves of India (Two phases.)